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Organizational skills for students




Is your child an organized student? Do you open their backpack or bookbag and find everything arranged neatly and all the papers kept nicely in a folder? Or does this sound more familiar, you open their backpack to find a history book, and you can’t find a history book (that was forgotten at school), but you do find last week’s lost homework, ripped and torn papers, a note from the teacher from 2 weeks ago and part of lunch they did not finish?

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Vision Board with kids!


If you think vision boards are something to laugh at, the joke’s on you. Because they work! I’m telling you.

I’ve shared my experience with my dream boards being fulfilled before, which is why I was thrilled when my daughter said she wanted to make one too.

So first let’s talk a little about visualization. It’s a powerful mind exercise that uses the law of attraction to form your life. Or, in other words… What you believe you’ll get out of life is what you’ll get back. Athletes often use this visualization technique in sports.




Giving children a little freedom

I recall living in the city and allowing my now 24 year old son to walk to the bus stop alone. It was like a block away.  Now I have an 11 and 13 year old, times have definitely changed and I cannot even allow them to walk around a city block alone.  Wow.

How much freedom do you allow your children?  Read the article here.


Free college websites to know…

Get more information for yourself, your students or your child!  Financial aid resources!

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Finding scholarships for school!

Parenting becomes interesting..

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Pattern activity with early childhood


How to respond when your child is disrespectful…


We have all been there way too many times when our child decides to challenge us in public! What do you do? Join in, walk away  or discipline? Here is a great guideline to help parents if they ever fall into this situation.  Believe me, you will.

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