That moment you must “pause.”

Everyone Natural Obstacledrives to work, unless you work at home.  Well even at home you must walk to your desk or to another part of your house so I guess one does encounter obstacles regardless.  Haha.  I drive to work every single day, thirty miles each way.  One day I was driving home after a very intense day of teaching and counseling adults I came across this steer standing in my path.  My first thought was to honk and press on the gas to chase it out of my way but instead I stopped.  I sat in my car watching this steer as he stood there just watching me too.  In that moment I realized one important thing I have become too busy for, that natural obstacle which can totally throw you into an immediate reflection.  A quick thought into your real life where you realize over and over again but you somehow never seem to maintain the thought to “pause.”  A real pause on a regular basis to reflect on where you are at that moment, whether it is work related or your personal life.  I paused that day to a. Slow down b. Breathe deeply c. Enjoy Nature d. Smile.  


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