Say “said” with other words.



Whispered, mumbled, roared…

There are so many rich and colorful words that writers can use to convey the way a character speaks! While there is nothing wrong with using ‘said,’ when it’s overused it can lead to blah writing. When we use words like “muttered” or “whined,” we get a clearer picture in our heads.

Download this colorful mini-poster to display in your writing center or on a classroom wall to showcase 100 words your students can use instead of “said.” Or, distribute copies of the black-and-white mini-poster to all your students. Invite them to circle their favorite words with colored markers and save it in their writing notebooks. Challenge them to use one of their 100 colorful words every day!

Print the poster at home or at school on 8.5×11 or 11×17 paper, or have a copy shop print a super-sized one for you.

PDF >>  pages-from-100-words-poster-final-color


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