15 Common Grammar Mistakes

Even tho15-Common-Grammar-Mistakes-Youre-Probably-Makingugh I would probably be the worst english teacher on the planet, I still have this weird OCD thing going on when it comes to grammer grammar. The English language is really confusing! It has evolved a bit with unofficial slang and shortcuts that I still consider part of our complicated language (biffed, wanna, awesomeriffic, I’ma, hella, cagillion; ba da bing, ba da boom, etc.) because without them life just wouldn’t be as much fun.

Anywho, I’m not going to stop referring to my urban dictionary (and neither should you), but there are some grammar mistakes that could make you look, well, dumb. I stumbled across this info-graphic over at copyblogger, and couldn’t help but share it with my readers. If you’re a teacher, share this with your students. It makes explaining common grammar mistakes off tha hizzy fo shezzy!


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